I'm Chris Lamb, aka lamby a 34-year-old freelance computer programmer.

I have been an official Debian Developer since 2008, was the Debian Project Leader from 2017—2019 and am currently a director of both the Open Source Initiative and of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

I am now highly active in the Reproducible Builds project and have previously received a grant from the Core Infrastructure Initiative and was awarded a Google Open Source Peer Bonus for my work in this area. Within Debian, amongst many other tasks, I maintain the Lintian static analysis tool and the Redis and Memcached packages.

I'm the primary author of dozens of free and open source projects and contributor to 100s of others (eg. Tails, etc.) but I also am the architect and maintainer of a number of web services such as Ethermap.

I previously worked as Technical Architect at (acquired) & (YCombinator S12). I'm highly experienced in full-stack web development with a focus on backend development using Django and system administration. You can find my latest programming interests on my blog.

I'm an avid reader and film-watcher as well as a cellist and lutenist.

You can contact me at or follow me @lolamby.