I am currently highly active in the Reproducible Builds project and have previously been awarded a grant from the Core Infrastructure Initiative to fund my work in this area. However, I'm the primary author of the projects outlined below and contributor to 100s of others. I also run or have otherwise created a number of web services and companies.

You can usually find my very latest programming interests by following me @lolamby.

Streamline your application deployment (offline)

Send a letter from the internet (offline)

The simple way to keep track of group finances (offline)

Chrome extensions


I have been a prolific user of the Django web development framework since 2008. You can view my contributions to the framework itself or browse the following third-party packages that I am the author of below.

Django (unmaintained)


I've been an official Debian Developer since 2008 where I have been an FTP Assistant, committer in the Debian Live, Debian Installer and X.Org maintainer teams, as well as an active participant in archive-wide QA efforts, especially the Reproducible Builds sub-project. I served as the Debian Project Leader from 2017 — 2019. Please see my Debian Developer overview for a list of the packages I currently maintain or the bug reports I have filed.