Showgirls (1995)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven

A young drifter named Nomi arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer. When she catches the eye of Cristal, the main attraction at the Stardust stage show, Nomi is on the brink of realizing her dreams. But as she bumps and grinds her way to the top, she realizes that there is only room for one starlet on the marquee... and that either she or Cristal will have to take a fall!

Media criticism must learn to give up the charade of pompous legitimization through appeals to social or political utility. It must reembrace the hedonistic pleasures of criticism as a worthy enterprise in and of itself. The world must be made safe again for the aesthete, the world-weary dandy.

Jeffrey Sconce

Totally here for all the critical re-examination of Showgirls; see also this fantastic round-table on this film. Still, this remains one of the most unarousing films I've ever watched; David Cronenberg's Crash (1996) titillated me more. At least pornos have the decency to remain under an 130-minute running time.