Lisztomania (1975)

Directed by Ken Russell

Roger Daltrey of The Who stars as 19th century genius pianist Franz Liszt in this brash, loud and free-wheeling rock 'n' roll fantasia centered around an imagined rivalry between Liszt and composer Richard Wagner-- painted here as a vampiric harbinger of doom and destruction.

A surreal and profane 'biopic' about the life of composer Franz Liszt. But it's as if a David Bowie rip-off made an ungodly erotic and camp musical, based on a fever dream containing ideas from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, This is Spinal Tap, Amadeus and Monty Python. And 1970s porn.

A berserk exercise of demented genius, and on that level (I want to make my praise explicit) it functions and sometimes even works. Most people will probably despise it.

Roger Ebert