This Closeness (2023)

Directed by Kit Zauhar

Tensions rise when a couple stays at the home of a reclusive host, with the three entering an intimate battle to gain and reclaim territory.

Seattle International Film Festival 2023: Film #34

"Tessa, will you please be nice to me again…?"

A great little chamber work of contemporary indie mumblecore, with Ben and Tessa's relationship running as hot and cold as the room in which they are trying to sleep. Whilst some of the (non-Kit Zauhar) acting didn't live up to the potential of the screenplay, I can personally authenticate the feel of these AirBnb guest—host interactions. In fact, there's probably a thinkpiece be written about Gen Z's inability to afford to buy their own homes and the pseudo oikos and how the inability for it to ever feel like a real 'home' leads to this kind of Airbnb awkwardness. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what Zauhar gets up to in the future.