Shortcomings (2023)

Directed by Randall Park

When his girlfriend leaves for New York City on a 3-month-long internship, a strongly opinionated Berkeley arthouse movie theater manager begins exploring life as a bachelor.

Cambridge Film Festival 2023: Film #21

I recognised most of the films! (Or, more precisely, I got a little distracted by thinking about how they managed to secure the rights.)


Seemingly designed to make well-intentioned Sundance audiences squirm and bristle. […] Translated so directly to the screen – much of the screenplay is verbatim from the book – it sounds a little more stilted, especially compared to a master of neurotic second-guessing like Noah Baumbach.

Jesse Hassenger (Paste Magazine)


It’s shot like a sitcom — flat, shiny, perfunctory — and structured like one, too, with quip-heavy vignettes that resolve in pat conclusions.

Devika Girish (The New York Times)