Creature (2023)

Directed by Asif Kapadia

On a remote Arctic research station, a captive creature (played by the English National Ballet’s charismatic principal dancer Jeffrey Cirio) is unwittingly enlisted into a military program that subjects him to sinister experiments. Amid this turmoil, he finds himself enamoured with a cleaner, the only person who shows him kindness; together, these two outsiders dream of escape from their dystopian surrounds.

Cambridge Film Festival 2023: Film #19

As others have written, there is obviously some excellent dancing and movement here, but it would perhaps have been a lot more impactful if I had seen it live (or even seen a film of a live version) compared to this hybrid. The glitch and editing effects didn't seem to annoy me as much as they did other people, but the whole "slave-led rebellion against a heartless tyrannical regime in a futuristic whilst falling in love with one of the local women" felt a bit like early Soviet cinema.