May 1st 2009

April 2009 in UK civil liberties

Wednesday 1st
At the G20 protests, Londoner Ian Tomlinson collapses and is attended to by the emergency services; Metropolitan Police claim "during this time a number of missiles - believed to be bottles - were being thrown at them". Tomlinson dies that evening.
Thursday 2nd
The Evening Standard reports that "police were bombarded with bricks, bottles and planks of wood" as they helped Tomlinson.
Saturday 4th
Postmortem of Tomlinson finds he died of a heart attack.
Monday 6th
The EC Data Retention Regulations 2009 comes into force requiring internet service providers to retain details of emails, internet phone calls and other web traffic.
Tuesday 7th
The Guardian publishes a video of a police officer assualting Tomlinson on 1st April.
Wednesday 8th
Twelve Pakistani students are arrested on suspicion of planning terror attacks over the Easter holiday weekend.
Thursday 9th
The Guardian publishes a second video of Tomlinson's assualt, contributing that no missiles were thrown.
Monday 13th
Police arrest 114 climate protestors on conspiracy to cause criminal damage at Nottingham power plant. [ref]
Tuesday 14th
A video of a seperate assualt at the G20 protests is published.
Thursday 16th
Police claim tourist's photography of transport-related buildings is "strictly forbidden" and demand the photos are deleted. [ref]
Friday 17th
A second postmortem of Iam Tomlinson finds the cause of death to be an abdominal haemorrhage. A policeman is interviewed under caution on suspicion of manslaughter. [ref]
Saturday 18th
The Times reveals MP Damian Green private emails were searched by the police using the keywords "Shami Chakrabarti" (director of Liberty) after his arrest last year.
Monday 20th
The Guardian reveals police intelligence was given to E.On before the Nottingham climate demonstration, including movements of protesters and their meetings.
Tuesday 21st
Another video of the Tomlinson assault is revealed showing his head hitting the pavement. The Independent Police Complaints Commission fails to obtain an injunction to prevent broadcast.
Wednesday 22nd
Nine Pakistani students arrested during anti-terror raids are released after 13 days without charge and are passed to UK Border Agency custody for deportation. [ref]
Monday 27th
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announces that ISPs and telecoms companies will be asked to record usage "to track murderers and paedophiles" without a warrant. [ref]
Tuesday 28th
Emails are revealed of the Home Office asking Phorm, the behavioural targeted advertising service, whether they are falling outside the law. Home Office claim Phorm would be legal if consent is obtained and that "providers of goods and services need only ensure they are compliant with relevant legislation". [ref]
Wednesday 29th
The Guardian documents the friends of the 7/7 bombers were denied bail on secret evidence - "the appellant asked the judge the question: why are you sending me to prison? To which the judge replied: 'I cannot tell you that.'"

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