AptFs - FUSE filesystem for APT source repositories


(This was one of those pesky "oh, it'll only take an hour" ideas.)

AptFs is a FUSE-based filesystem that provides a view to unpacked and patched Debian source packages as regular folders on a filesystem. Binary packages are modelled as symbolic links pointing to their respective source package.

This arrangement allows one to:

  • Use standard UNIX utilities to perform queries across the entire Debian source tree
  • Save keystrokes and time when downloading (and subsequently deleting) source packages
  • Do really awesome things easily, like perform static analysis on the archive, count swear words, etc.

The program maintains a sliding window of unpacked packages to perform automatic cleanup of unpacked packages - it would not be very helpful if commands such as:

% find /path/to/aptfs

...unpacked the entire archive into your temporary directory.

Source (GPLv3) is available in Git:

git-clone git://git.chris-lamb.co.uk/aptfs  # or
git-clone http://git.chris-lamb.co.uk/repo/aptfs.git

Patches always welcome.

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This is incredible incredible cool! Thanks a lot!

March 14, 2008, 3:35 a.m. #