August 31st 2023

Free software activities in August 2023

Here is my monthly update covering what I have been doing in the free software world during August 2023 (previous month):

Reproducible Builds

One of the original promises of open source software is that distributed peer review and transparency of process results in enhanced end-user security. However, whilst anyone may inspect the source code of free and open source software for malicious flaws, almost all software today is distributed as pre-compiled binaries. This allows nefarious third-parties to compromise systems by injecting malicious code into ostensibly secure software during the various compilation and distribution processes.

This month, I:


I performed an upload of mtools (4.0.43-1) for a new upstream version, but also orphaning the package (#1042948).

Debian LTS

This month I have worked 18 hours on Debian Long Term Support (LTS) and 12 hours on its sister Extended LTS project.

You can find out more about the project via the following video:

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