April 11th 2009

Installing FogBugz the Debian way

Yeah, proprietary software is bad, but let's at least install it the Debian way. The following walkthrough assumes Debian lenny.

set -e
for PEAR_PKG in Auth_SASL HTTP_Client Mail_Mime XML_Tree
        PKG_TEMP=$(mktemp -d)
        cd ${PKG_TEMP}
        pear download ${PEAR_PKG}
        dh-make-pear ${PEAR_PKG}*.tgz
        cd */
        dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -rfakeroot
        sudo dpkg -i ../*.deb
        rm -rf ${PKG_TEMP}
$ sudo ./install.sh
*            FogBugz 6 Setup

--    Checking for required tools
 +      found mono 1.9.1

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