Official Redis packages for Debian "squeeze"

  • 27 July, 2011

Due to high demand I have prepared official Redis packages for Debian "squeeze":

  1. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb squeeze-backports main
  2. Update your local package lists:

    sudo apt-get update
  3. Install redis-server with:

    sudo apt-get -t squeeze-backports install redis-server

The current version number in this repository may be found here. Bugs should be reported in the usual way.

For the sections of the web community who insist on hitting problems solved years ago, here is why you should use these packages over installing Redis manually:

  • Zero-effort installation: Starts Redis immediately, no compilation or configuration required.
  • Improved security: Runs as a dedicated user/group and data files are accessible only to this user.
  • Production-ready initscript: All these versions can cause data loss. Server can also be restarted with a standard "/etc/init.d/redis-server restart" instead of manual dance with pidfiles.
  • Sensible default locations for data files (/var/lib/redis), logs (/var/log/redis) and utilities (/usr/bin/redis-cli, etc.). Logs are automatically rotated and compressed using logrotate. The log verbosity is additionally reduced from verbose to notice - it is unlikely you care about every new connection.
  • Sensible upgrade path: Upgrades to newer versions result in less downtime, handle conflicting changes in configuration options, and can be quickly rolled back in case of incompatibility. The package can also be purged entirely from the system in seconds.
  • You don't make your sysadmin cry. If you are the sysadmin and are installing software with a variant of git pull && make && make install you deserve every problem you run into.