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Unfortunately, we get parallel octaves at the end

A reel from Glenn Gould's 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variations contains the following dialogue between the 22-year-old pianist and the recording engineer after a take of the 30th variation, a quodlibet:

By the way, I have a quodlibet of my own which came to me in the bathtub the other night. One of these days I will be asked to perform on the fourth of July, I'm sure, and when I do I figured out that by leaving out the repeats in the Star Spangled Banner and starting your entry on the thirteenth bar of God Save The King and then playing God Save the King over again and altering the harmony in the second half of The King to modulate to the supertonic region, it has the most marvelous effect. Listen to this.. (202KiB Ogg Vorbis).

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Friday 26th December 2008

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