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Slack integration for Django, using the templating engine to generate messages.

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This project provides easy-to-use integration between Django projects and the Slack group chat and IM tool, allowing your website to update your team the moment when important or interesting events happen such as a sales, user growth milestones, etc.

Whilst you can use any generic method of posting messages to Slack, using a Django-specific integration has some advantages:

If you are looking for a highly experienced full-stack Django developer with a track record of producing high-quality and maintaininable code, please get in touch.

You can install django-slack from PyPI:

$ pip install django-slack
… or by adding django-slack to your requirements.txt and re-running pip install -r requirements.txt.

Documentation GitHub Issues PyPI project page

You can browse the source tree, create or file bugs or download the code from Git:

$ git clone

django-slack is released under the BSD license.

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