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FastMail Enhancement Suite


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Handy tools and improvements for

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Attachment reminder
Reminds you if you forget to attach a file if you mention it in in the body.
Map Ctrl+Enter to search the current folder
By default, using Alt+Enter in the search box limits the query to the current folder whilst Shift+Enter force searching all folders. Enabling this option also maps Ctrl+Enter to searching the current folder in case Alt+Enter is mapped to another function on your computer.
Append selection to subject
Add the ability to select text and append it to the subject line via right-click.
Send confirmation
Requires confirmation to send email. Handy for users of FastMail keyboard shortcuts.
Hide the 'Send mail' button
Disable the sending of mail.
Rename thread
Adds an button to the Compose page to easily 'rename' a thread, quoting the previous subject with 'was:'.
Add to CC
Adds an button to easily add a recipient to the CC, adding that text to the message body itself for transparency.


You can browse the source tree, create or file bugs or download the code from Git:

$ git clone

FastMail Enhancement Suite is released under the BSD license.

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