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Python interface to libgfshare.

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This Python library implements Shamir’s method for secret sharing which can be used to split an arbitrary secret into multiple parts. An arbitrary number of those parts are then needed to recover the original file, but any smaller combination of parts are useless to an attacker.

For instance, you might split a GPG key into a “3-of-5” share and put one share on each of three computers and two shares on a USB memory stick. You can can use the GPG key on any of those three computers using the memory stick, but if the memory stick is lost you can recover the key by bringing the three computers together.

Under the hood it uses Daniel Silverstone’s libgfshare library.

You can install python-gfshare from PyPI:

$ pip install gfshare
… or by adding gfshare to your requirements.txt and re-running pip install -r requirements.txt.

Documentation GitHub Issues PyPI project page

You can browse the source tree, create or file bugs or download the code from Git:

$ git clone

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