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Sudoku Solver for Smartphone


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Windows Mobile Sudoku puzzle solver.

Sudoku Solver for Smartphones is a solving utility for Sudoku puzzles for smartphone devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile.

It can solve an "Easy" or "Moderate" puzzle in a trivial amount of time, whilst puzzles labelled "Fiendish" or "Evil" are typically solved in 3 seconds or less. Due to it's depth-first solving feature, any puzzle that is solvable—even it requires many guesses when solved in paper form or has multiple solutions—can be solved using this application.

The program can also show the possibilities for a square (see screenshots) which can be used as a hint when solving the board by hand.


An empty board

A fully-solved 'Evil' board from

Showing the set of posssiblities for a square


  1. Download and execute SudokuSetup_1_0.exe (53KB)
  2. ActiveSync should then install the software automatically on your phone.
  3. Run the application from the "Sudoku Solver" menu entry.


I have tested on:


I've found a board that it can't solve!
Usually, this means you have not entered the board correctly. Please check again. If you have, then please contact me with the board and I will attempt to diagnose the problem.

I can only run signed code on my smartphone and your program is not signed!
Sorry, but please investigate how to unlock your smartphone to run unsigned programs. is good source for this and related information.

Why can't it generate boards?
This is a solving application only. I have little interest in solving Sudoku puzzles manually, although would write a board generator if enough people request it, or you can try SmartSudoku. If you wish to find boards to test this program, try here.


The corresponding source code for this application has been lost. The binary is provided gratis.

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