December 31st 2015

Free software activities in December 2015

Here is my monthly update covering a large part of what I have been doing in the free software world (previously):


My work in the Reproducible Builds project was also covered in more depth in Lunar's weekly reports (#31, #32, #33, #34).


This month I have been paid to work 12 hours on Debian Long Term Support (LTS). In that time I did the following:

  • Issued DLA 363-1 for libphp-phpmailer fixing a header injection vulnerability.
  • Issued DLA 365-1 for foomatic-filters correcting a shell injection vulnerability.
  • Issued DLA 369-1 for pygments fixing an issue shell injection vulnerability.
  • Issued DLA 374-1 for cacti to fix an SQL injection vulnerability.
  • Did some futher investigation of CVE-2011-5325 in busybox.


  • python-django (1.9) — New upstream release.
  • redis (3.0.6) — New upstream stable release. I additionally backported this package to Debian stable.
  • redis (3.2~rc1) — Uploaded upstream's "testing/next" branch to experimental for testing.
  • gunicorn (19.4.1) — New upstream release.

Patches contributed

I also filed FTBFS bugs against acpid, android-platform-frameworks-base, antlr3, artemis, beignet, bisonc++, bobcat, bustle, cargo, checkbox-ng, code2html, cplay, datanommer.commands, dcmtkpp, debci, diffutils, diod, django-restricted-resource, docker-libkv, doomsday, dvdauthor, dwww, elasticsearch, elki, flask-script, freeipa, fso-frameworkd, funny-manpages, ggcov, ghc-mod, gmpc-plugins, gparted, gs-collections, guacamole-server, guncat, haskell-concrete-typerep, haskell-geniplate, haskell-nats, haskell-x509-util, hawtbuf, heimdal, htsjdk, inspircd, jboss-xnio, jenkins-winstone, jpeginfo, jruby-openssl, kaffeine, kdbg, ktp-accounts-kcm, kuser, libcommons-cli-java, libcommons-openpgp-java, libconfig-model-lcdproc-perl, libdata-faker-perl, libexplain, libgettext-commons-java, libgtk2-ex-printdialog-perl, libmoops-perl, libnet-frame-perl, libsendmail-milter-perl, libupnp, libuv, libvpx, liwc, m4, maven2, meep-mpich2, nagios-plugin-check-multi, natlog, netpipe, ocserv, ogre-1.8, orthanc-dicomweb, perspectives-extension, php-mail, php-pinba, phpseclib, pkg-haskell-tools, plastimatch, plexus-compiler, plexus-compiler-1.0, python-acme, python-crontab, python-cs, python-csscompressor, python-debian, python-distutils-extra, python-django-compressor, python-django-openstack-auth, python-django-tagging, python-pygit2, python-pyramid, python-pywcs, python-releases, python-shade, python-statsd, python-tasklib, python-tasklib, python-webm, python-websockets, regina-normal, rinetd, roboptim-core, rpm2html, rpm2html, ruby-factory-girl, ruby-fogbugz, ruby-i18n-inflector, ruby-loofah, ruby-protected-attributes, ruby-rack-contrib, ruby-rufus-scheduler, ruby-sanitize, ruby-sidetiq, ruby-sinatra, scsh-0.6, shogun, sleekxmpp, slugimage, spatial4j, sqwebmail-de, trac-announcer, ttt, txaws, umbrello, wine-gecko-2.21, xboxdrv, xfonts-wqy, xserver-xorg-video-openchrome, yorick & yoshimi.

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