Free software activities in March 2016

  • 31 March, 2016

Here is my monthly update covering a large part of what I have been doing in the free software world (previously):

  • Submitted a number of pull requests to the Ansible server configuration tool:
    • Add the ability to specify the --allow-unauthenticated to APT. (#2023)
    • Ignore EPIPE when flushing standard input and output to avoid unnecessary and ugly tracebacks. (#14774)
    • Add an option for ansible-playbook to exit with an error if no plays were matched. (#14742)
  • Various improvements to django-slack, a library to easily post messages to the Slack group-messaging utility from projects using the Django web development framework:
    • Merged a patch from Joshua Blum to update the logging integration documentation. (#39)
    • Fixed an issue when rendering various exceptions would in themselves raise an exception. (#40)
    • Improved and merged a patch from Patrick Cloke to actually allow settings to be overriden using the @override_settings decorator. (#37)
  • Updated local-debian-mirror, a package that attempts to make it easy to maintain a partial local mirror of the Debian archive:
    • Added an option to exclude DEP-11 files. (ee03b21)
    • Added an option to exclude Translation-* files. (28bbf34)
    • Corrected the phrasing of the debconf prompt to not ask a direct question to appease Lintian. (13fccc7b)
  • Updated django-keyerror — a library to post exceptions to the error tracking service — to support pushing tracebacks from the Celery queue processor using the task_failure signal. (#1)
  • Submitted a number of pull requests for django-zebra, a collection of utilities that make it easier to integrate the Stripe payment processor and the Django web development framework:
    • Add the ability to test an incoming Stripe webhook. (#44)
    • Prefer @require_POST over an explicit check in the view. (#43)
    • Move away from the deprecated django.conf.urls.patterns method. (#45)
  • Updated django-template-tests, a tool to perform simple static analysis on Django templates prior to production to improve the robustness of dynamic test generation. (e98f9fc)
  • Fixed django-force-logout — a library to allow administrators to log user's out of Django projects — to not require a custom JSON serialiser. (c0e5d64)
  • Corrected the documentation for — my hosted script to easily test and build Debian packages on the Travis CI continuous integration platform — to reflect the actual default mirror. (4c862f0)
  • Blogged about generating dynamic Python tests using metaclasses.


  • Presented Reproducible Builds - fulfilling the original promise of free software at FOSSASIA '16.
  • Uploaded libfiu (0.94-4), adding a patch from Logan Rose to fix a FTBFS with ld --as-needed.

My work in the Reproducible Builds project was also covered in more depth in Lunar's weekly reports (#44, #45, #46, #47).


This month I have been paid to work 7 hours on Debian Long Term Support (LTS). Whilst the LTS team will take over support from the Security Team on April 26, 2016, in the meantime I did the following:

  • Archived the squeeze distribution (via the FTPteam).
  • Assisted in preparing updates for python-django.
  • Helping end-users migrate to wheezy now that squeeze LTS has reached end-of-life.

FTP Team

As a Debian FTP assistant I ACCEPTed 143 packages: acme-tiny, berkshelf-api, circlator, cloud-utils, corsix-th, cronic, diaspora-installer, dub, dumb-init, firehol, firetools, flask-bcrypt, flask-oldsessions, flycheck, ganeti, geany-plugins, git-build-recipe, git-phab, gnome-shell-extension-caffeine, gnome-shell-extension-mediaplayer, golang-github-cheggaaa-pb, golang-github-coreos-ioprogress, golang-github-cyberdelia-go-metrics-graphite, golang-github-cznic-ql, golang-github-elazarl-goproxy, golang-github-hashicorp-hil, golang-github-mitchellh-go-wordwrap, golang-github-mvdan-xurls, golang-github-paulrosania-go-charset, golang-github-xeipuuv-gojsonreference, golang-github-xeipuuv-gojsonschema, grilo-plugins, gtk3-nocsd, herisvm, identity4c, lemonldap-ng, libisal, libmath-gsl-perl, libmemcached-libmemcached-perl, libplack-middleware-logany-perl, libplack-middleware-logwarn-perl, libpng1.6, libqmi, librdf-generator-http-perl, libtime-moment-perl, libvirt-php, libxml-compile-soap-perl, libxml-compile-wsdl11-perl, linux, linux-tools, mdk-doc, mesa, mpdecimal, msi-keyboard, nauty, node-addressparser, node-ansi-regex, node-argparse, node-array-find-index, node-base62, node-co, node-component-consoler, node-crypto-cacerts, node-decamelize, node-delve, node-for-in, node-function-bind, node-generator-supported, node-invert-kv, node-json-localizer, node-normalize-git-url, node-nth-check, node-obj-util, node-read-file, node-require-dir, node-require-main-filename, node-seq, node-starttls, node-through, node-uid-number, node-uri-path, node-url-join, node-xmlhttprequest-ssl, ocrmypdf, octave-netcdf, open-infrastructure-container-tools, osmose-emulator, pdal, pep8, pg-backup-ctl, php-guzzle, printrun, pydocstyle, pysynphot, python-antlr3, python-biom-format, python-brainstorm, python-django-adminsortable, python-feather-format, python-gevent, python-lxc, python-mongoengine, python-nameparser, python-pdal, python-pefile, python-phabricator, python-pika-pool, python-pynlpl, python-qtawesome, python-requests-unixsocket, python-saharaclient, python-stringtemplate3, r-cran-adegraphics, r-cran-assertthat, r-cran-bold, r-cran-curl, r-cran-data.table, r-cran-htmltools, r-cran-httr, r-cran-lazyeval, r-cran-mcmc, r-cran-openssl, r-cran-pbdzmq, r-cran-rncl, r-cran-uuid, rawtran, reel, ruby-certificate-authority, ruby-rspec-pending-for, ruby-ruby-engine, ruby-ruby-version, scribus-ng, specutils, symfony, tandem-mass, tdb, thrift, udfclient, vala, why3, wmaker, xdg-app & xiccd.