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December 2019
Favourite books of 2019
November 2019
Tour d'Orwell: No. 1 South End Road
March 2019
Book Review: The Sellout
December 2018
Favourite books of 2018
November 2018
Review: The "Trojan Room" coffee
September 2017
Ask the dumb questions
December 2016
My favourite books of 2016
November 2016
Awarded Core Infrastructure Initiative grant for Reproducible Builds
October 2016
July 2015
Where's the principled opposition to the "WhatsApp ban"?
January 2015
Giant's Causeway puzzle
December 2014
2014: Selected highlights
8:20AM. Sunday, 22 December 2013
Don't ask your questions in private
October 2014
Are you building an internet fridge?
London—Paris—London 2014
August 2014
Strava Enhancement Suite update
July 2014
start-stop-daemon: --exec vs --startas
April 2014
Marlon Brando in the Lake District
2014 race schedule
March 2014
February 2014
Estimating Training Stress Score (TSS) for running on Strava
The effect of pedestaling on time trial bike position
December 2012
2012: Selected highlights
Beethoven Triple Concerto
September 2011
"WIRED: spell checking, TIRED: fact checking"
April 2007
And now for something completely different to
November 2006
BT minus minus
April 2006
Urban metrology
LilyPond and LaTeX plugin for Wordpress
January 2006
Not particularly puzzling
November 2005
First experiment in time-lapse photography

Free / open source software reports

Since 2015 I have written a detailed report every month outlining my activity in the free and open source software community. My latest report is for February 2020, but you can view the archive here:

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